The Weisrock Lab at the University of Kentucky


    We are an evolutionary research group in the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky. Research in our lab centers on using genomic data to study a wide range of evolutionary questions. Current projects range from studying the fine-scale effects of population demography and gene flow on genetic variation within and between populations, to the study of deep-scale evolutionary history of species and groups that have been diverging for tens to hundreds of millions of years. And, we study lots of things in between these bookends. Ultimately, we are interested in learning more about the processes that govern genetic differentiation within and between species, how these lead to the increase in species diversity on our planet, and how species are affected by recent changes in their environments.

Photo Credit: Meredith Barrett

Photo Credit: David Weisrock

Photo Credit: Kenny Wray

Photo Credit: Paul Hime

Photo Credit: Joe Giersch