R Package: ordcrm

ordcrm: Ordinal Proportional Odds Model, Ordinal Continuation Ratio Model, and Binary CRM Likelihood-Based Continual Reassessment Method Designs for Dose Finding Trials

This package provides the setup and calculations needed to run a likelihood-based continual reassessment method (CRM) dose finding trial and perform simulations. There are 3 dose finding designs in this package including the ordinal proportional odds model (POM) CRM, ordinal continuation ratio (CR) model CRM, and the binary standard
2-parameter logistic model CRM.  For the POM and CR model designs, ordinal toxicity grades are specified by Common Toxicity Criteria version 4.0.  The R function pseudodata creates the necessary pseudodata to run these likelihood-based designs and also estimates the initial starting dose for any of the 3 designs. The function nextdose estimates the next dose to test in a cohort of patients for a targeted dose limiting toxicity (DLT) rate with the option to specify dose restrictions such as lower and upper bounds and/or the amount a dose can increase or decrease between cohorts of patients.  We also provide the function crmsimulations to assess the performance of these 3 dose finding designs under various scenarios.

1. R Documentation Files for ordcrm package

2. Functions

    a. pseudodata

    b. nextdose

    c. crmsimulations

            Supplementary Functions for crmsimulations: constraints and fiterations

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