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I am now a graduate candidate of  Department of StatisticsUniversity of Kentucky.I have got my BS and MS in statistics in University of Science and Technology of China in 2011/2008.

Currently, my main interests are survival analysis, empirical likelihood, biostatistics/bioinformatics, and machine learning.

Contact Information

email : yifan.yang@uky.edu

Gtalk : yfyang.86@gmail.com

Github: yfyang86

Blog : Wordpress, On UKY server


Prediction of Novel Pre-microRNAs with High Accuracy through Boosting and SVM

Yuanwei Zhang, Yifan Yang, Huan Zhang, Qinghua Shi, (9-March-2011) Bioinformatic, (Manuscript ID: BIOINF-2010-1946.R1)

CPSS: A computational platform for the analysis of small RNA deep sequencing data

Yuanwei Zhang, Bo Xu, Yifan Yang , Howard J. Cooke, Rongjun Ban, Yu Xue; ,and Qinghua Shi1; 2011 Bioinformatic (Manuscript ID: BIOINF-2011-1398.R2)

SpermatogenesisOnline 1.0: a resource for spermatogenesis based on manual literature curation and genome-wide data mining

Zhang, Yuanwei; Xu, Bo,; Yang, Yifan ; Zhong, Liangwen; Ban, Rongjun; Zhu, Jun; Cooke, Howard; Shi, Qinghua, (29-Oct-2012) Nucleic Acids Research

Shihong Zhu, Yifan Yang, Mai Zhou, (April-2015) Biometrics; 71(3). DOI: 10.1111/biom.12311

A Recursive Formula for the Kaplan-Meier Estimator with Mean Constraints and Its Application to Empirical Likelihood

Mai Zhou, Yifan Yang, (12-Jan-2015) Computational Statistics, DOI: 10.1007/s00180-015-0567-9

Y Zhang, R Ban, Yifan Yang et.al (2015) Database DOI: 10.1093/database/bav036

IsomiR Bank: A research resource for tracking isomiRs

Yuanwei Zhang, Bo Xu, Yifan Yang, Qiguang Zang, Wei Zheng1, Rongjun Ban, Huan Zhang, Furhan Iqbal, Ao Li, Qinghua Shi (1-Feb-2016) Bioinformatic, (Manuscript ID: BIOINF-2015-1985.R1)

Yuanwei Zhang, Qiguang Zang, Huan Zhang, Yifan Yang, Rongjun Ban, Furhan Iqbal, Ao Li, and Qinghua Shi (05-May-2016), Nucleic Acids Research, accepted (Manuscript ID: NAR-00636-Web-B-2016.R1)

Zhang H, Wheeler W, Hyland PL, Yang Y, Shi J, Chatterjee N, Yu K. PLoS Genet. 2016 Jun 30;12(6):e1006122. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006122. eCollection 2016.

Han Zhang, Colin O. Wu, Yifan Yang, Sonja I. Berndt, Stephen J. Chanock,Kai Yu Statistical Methods in Medical Research Accepted 2016-07-11

Technical Report/Unpublished

Fast and accurate algorithm for haplotype estimation from individual and pooled data

Yifan Yang, Han Zhang, Hsin-Chou Yang, Yaning Yang (2010)

 > This technical report applies compressive sensing method to both individual and pooled SNP data, which only requires mean and correlation information.

SNVfilter: a tool for removing sequencing errors and estimating the pathogenicity of variants generated form WES data.

Y Yang, Y Zhang, R Ban, Z Wang et.al. 2014-2015


R Package (on CRAN)

kmc: Kaplan-Meier estimator with constraints for right censored data - a recursive computational algorithm

ARTP2: ARTP2: Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test

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Here is my Curriculum Vitae.( , )

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BioStaCs Group

BioStaCs buildt a systematic framework on samll RNA from deep-sequence data. I am one of the founders. Our aim is to develop novel algorithms and web-based tools for understanding the function of small non-coding RNA and find disease cause variants for human. The products of our group can be classified into three parts:
  1. developing pipelines for analysis small RNA sequencing data, and constructing predictors for novel miRNA and miRNA targets prediction;
  2. developing databases for reproductive biology to host data resources of reported and predicted functional genes/proteins in spermatogenesis, follicle genesis and meiosis;
  3. developing novel tools to refine the variants called by other softwares/users.
In this group I focus on statistical modeling, algorithm development and database management.

InAction Team

  1. Encourge people to communicate and learn from each other by doing projects together.

  2. Accumulate experience of collaborating with each other and give people chances to lead projects.

  3. After a while when people are confident enough, we will start doing project on Kaggle, which can be great help for people's career if we do a good job there.

  4. Gradually build a stable, experienced and capable team so that we can do startup if there are good ideas and the right time comes.

The founder of team is Dr. Du(longendu@yahoo.com), and the team is rooted on variouse platforms including Yahoo Group(InAction@yahoogroups.com), Bitbucket(private right now), and CMC/IMs. I lead a Python study project and participates various of other projects, such as machine learning, Linux, Big Data and business.

Yang Yifan's personal page. If you have any question, please contact me at yfyang.86@gmail.com