Views of Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve

Powell County, Kentucky

A distant view of the Pilot Knob SNP area

A view of the Pilot Knob SNP Overlook Trail

Elevation profile of the Overlook Trail
Trail statistics: The Overlook Trail is 1.22 miles in length with an average slope of of approximately 9°. The highest slope is 40°. The elevation relief is approximately 650 feet.

An animation of the Pilot Knob area

CARTO interactice map of trail network

Mapping Project Information

Students in NRE 355 visited the 740-acre Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve on September 21, 2016 and used mobile devices to collect GPS data for the existing trail network. They mapped approximately 3.2 miles of trail then used ArcGIS and CARTO to measure the trails and create a 2D map and 3D visualizations of the nature preserve.

NRE 355 Fall 2016 _IMG8353-HDR-Pano.jpg Sunset

Geospatial PDF showing scenic index and hiking trails

Our methodology for creating the Scenic Index uses ArcGIS's Raster Calculator function to find areas that are not covered in tree canopy and are illuminated by a setting and/or rising sun using the sun's position for September 21. The index uses three layers as input in Raster Calculator; an NDVI raster from 2016 NAIP aerial photography and two Hillshade rasters from 10-meter DEM showing areas of illumination during an equinox sunrise and sunset.

Find the students' pages here:

Page created by Boyd Shearer, November 12, 2016, for NRE 355, an introduction to GIS analysis at the University of Kentucky CAFE Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences program.